a graphic that says "an update from Dr. Jake Long"

Bomber Families,

Thank you for a great week back and your patience and cooperation through the snow event yesterday. Our educators were able to provide a week full of learning despite the distraction. I’d like to give our transportation department a huge shout out. They did a fantastic job under some difficult conditions. We are so blessed to have each of them. 

As of 2 this afternoon, we reported 38 positive cases and 14 close contacts this week. 

We have received new directives that affect the way school districts handle close contacts and positive cases of COVID-19. A link to that updated information can be found here. Any students or staff who may be affected by these changes (i.e. those who are currently quarantined and may be released sooner) will be contacted individually this weekend by our district’s COVID-19 Point of Contact. 

Keeping up with all of this and all the changes continues to be a challenge. We are here to help with the number one goal of our children being in our schools with our teachers. I pray for the health of our community and the children we serve. I don’t want our children, our families, or our staff to have to live in fear or anxiety, so we will continue to strive to provide a stable, loving, and caring environment for our children every day – regardless of weather or illness.